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 But concerned about balancing quality and profit margins?
  • Compromising profit margins
  • Slow shelf movement: By carefully curating your product selection and staying on top of trends, you can minimize the risk of slow shelf movement and avoid dead inventory.
  • Availability of latest designs and natural fabrics
  • Worries about skin diseases due to toxic dye chemicals
  • Additional overhead costs for customisation and design sampling
  • Large minimum order quantity for wholesale prices
7 Reasons Why Multi-Brand Stores Purchase Our Products On A Large Scale
1. Impressive retailer growth: Our products have resulted in an annual growth rate of 100% to 470% – 850% for our retailers.
2. Premium fabric quality -Our products feature exclusive colours that complement all skin tones and are made from chemical-free and 100% natural fabrics.
3. Promotes inclusivity and body positivity- We offer products that are comfortable fit for all body sizes and types making our products versatile for a wide age group
4. High quality, durable and value for money
5. Low MOQ for wholesale pricing: We offer a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale pricing, starting from only 20 units.
6. Customisation in designs: We can customise our designs to suit your target audience, with no additional cost.
7. Fast-moving products: Our products are fast-moving on the shelf, ensuring that your inventory stock remains low and maximising your profit potential. We ensure to launch limited designs per season, making our products are desirable and exclusive.

Our brand identity takes shape from our Indian and Indonesian roots. Baju is a word close to our hearts, like its meaning in Hindi, and in Indonesian, it represents clothes. 

Our product creation process is a multi-faceted journey that involves our the local community from where we source our textiles in India. From sourcing and development to dyeing, hand printing, finishing, quality control, packaging, and shipping, every step is carefully examined to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint. Our design team is trained to incorporate fabrics usage backwards into tassels / trims for the garments to minimise wastage. 

By involving the local community and being mindful of our production process, we strive to create beautiful and sustainable products that have a positive impact on both people and the environment.

We believe in creating designs that live in the flow state of life, and are suitable, comfortable and flattering to all. 

Baju is a journey that has adapted inspiration from the environment it’s been nurtured in, yielding a sense of belonging to every pair of hands that sift through it.





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