Baju products are crafted with mindfulness and care to promote sustainable fashion practices that prioritize quality, longevity, and circular processes. Our products are made from sustainably-grown materials using low-impact processes, creating fashion that is designed to last and be cherished for years to come.

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Even the greenest garment uses resources for production and transport to your home, creating some environmental impact. A root of the problem lies in our excessive consumerism: we tend to think that buying new clothes will make us happy, thus maybe we should reconsider some foundations of our lifestyle. At Baju we design clothes mindfully so that you can create a combination of our products that can be worn with various silhouettes. 


Our Fabric

Our fabric is sourced with love and our Chanderi material is known for its lightweight, luxurious hand feel and soft texture. Made from a blend of cotton and silk, it is an eco-friendly fiber with a low impact on the environment. We prioritize non-toxic, chemical-free products and use cotton, which is completely biodegradable.

The essence of Baju stems from our philosophy of creating timeless, and conscious clothing with the handcrafted love of labor.

Economical Sustainability

At Baju, we believe in ethical manufacturing practices and treat our workers with respect, dignity, and fair pay. We prioritize an individual making each product to ensure the quality of craftsmanship is maintained.


We also adhere to a zero-waste policy, repurposing scraps into handmade tassels or packaging, and using textile scraps to make small parts and patching them into each garment.

Our limited SKQ approach ensures we don’t overproduce, and we work with small local businesses and support local communities, from our fabric suppliers to our batik craftsmen.

Cultural Sustainability

Baju, aims to create a community that believes in the same concept of living, consciously interconnected within various cultures. We work with small local businesses and support local communities from our fabric suppliers to our batik craftsmen.

We are working together to build a beautiful conscious planet for our generations to come. With each collection we aim to restore and recreate purpose for local crafts.

Our Product

Our signature shade of Pink was achieved through a unique combination of indigenous ingredients from our garden, promoting cultural sustainability.

Our collection features relaxed dresses, crochet accents, cuff detailing, subtle embroideries, and a richly textured feel that combines traditional heritage craft with a reconnection to the natural world. 

At Baju, we aim to create a positive impact on the world, promoting love and conscious living practices for generations to come.

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