About us


Our brand identity takes shape from our Indian and Indonesian roots. Baju is a word close to our hearts, like its meaning in Hindi, In Indonesian, it represents beautiful clothes. 

An indigenous label, BAJU is a free and easy collection of curves that breathes a chemical-free life. Our roots lie deep in the heart of our country, allowing us to celebrate local strengths, engage native offerings and create a stronghold within a beautiful mix of Indian and our Indonesian community. With designs that live in the flow state of life, we believe in creating styles that are suitable, comfortable and flattering to all. BAJU is a journey that has adapted inspiration from the environment it’s been nurtured in, yielding a sense of belonging to every pair of hands that sift through it. Made with consciously sourced fabric, these loved clothes will love you back with proper care

The Journey of People of Baju

Founded in New Delhi’s summer of 2019 in a small yet ambitious dye setup, we began as an experiment of nature’s natural dyes. Extracts of beetroots and pomegranates, and leftovers of roses, marigolds and bougainvilleas adorned our birthplace, a kitchen. The first to be born in our upturned cradle was our signature pale pink palette. This entrepreneurial initiative gave our founder her vision, and us a road ahead. A road carved by passion and distinguished by grace,In 2020 Baju was introduced to Jakarta, Indonesia. A country filled with distinguished art, culture and its own heritage. Baju aims to bring both these worlds together, offering a unique sense of living.

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